Hosted Email

Much more than just email
Microsoft® Exchange can help you drive your business forward by staying organized and working more effectively with colleagues, partners, and customers.

Microsoft Exchange delivers rich tools that can add real value to your business, at prices to meet different budget levels. Now is the time to:

  •    • Simplify the way you manage your email, contacts, and calendar.
  •    • Stay connected on the go with access to your email, contacts, and calendar from your phone, PC, and
  •    • Worry less about security with world-class protection from viruses and spam email.

You can get Microsoft Exchange for your business by either subscribing to it online or installing it on your own server. Please contact us today and we’ll tell you about the Exchange packages designed for different budget levels.

Microsoft Exchange provides businesses with email, calendar, and contacts on the PC, phone and browser, so employees can stay connected and in sync.

  •    • We can host your email, either with POP or Exchange 2010 server
  •    • Spam and virus Blocking
  •    • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
  •    • 24 X & Intrusion Detection
  •    • Multiple Domain Support
  •    • Public Folders
  •    • RSS Feeds
  •    • Email continuity service
  •    • Email Archiving
  •    • Active Directory Integration
  •    • Shared calendars and company directory
  •    • 2GB mailboxes upgradable to 20GB
  •    • Secure encryption / SSL
  •    • AutoDiscover
  •    • Distribution Lists
  •    • Ad-free
  •    • Privacy guaranteed
  •    • Daily backups
  •    • Up to 50MB attachments
  •    • Blackberry / iPhone / Android integration
  •    • Custom configurations