Cloud Computing Integration

Whether you are aware of the buzzword or not, cloud computing is an evolving paradigm with tremendous momentum. The advent of cloud computing is leading to a restructuring of what is possible through the internet, with the capability to follow through on the promise of more power and “access from anywhere” mobility. Users will be able to store and manipulate files, images, videos and other data remotely, and cloud computing provides the ability to keep networks and mobile devices synchronized at all times. In fact, cloud computing is forcing businesses to change their methods and strategies. From reducing capital expenditures to leveraging tiered storage for maximal efficiency to creating efficiencies in human resources, cloud computing offers a way to increase capacity or add capability without the expenditure of additional infrastructure, training or licensing.

At ITelligent we leverage both our state-of-the-art private cloud as well as integrate with the public cloud. Our model allows us to position crucial elements of the network on the redundant, high-availability side of our cloud and use the public cloud for less essential uses. Our deep expertise in cloud integration and related efficiencies allows us to provide value to your company:

  •    • Combine cloud computing with traditional IT Infrastructure to create an IT model that is best for you
  •    • Use your cloud-based technology to solve accessibility or licensing issues
  •    • Deliver IT services from a public cloud, private cloud or a flexible hybrid delivery model as you become an
         Instant-On Enterprise

Whether your company is small, medium, or large, your technology needs will require flexibility, automation, security, insight and speed. Companies with large, batch-oriented, tasks can get results as quickly as their programs can scale, since using 1000 servers for one hour costs no more than using one server for 1000 hours. This elasticity of resources, without paying a premium for large scale, is unprecedented in the history of IT.

Cloud Environment features:

  •    • Fully Redundant Infrastructure
  •    • East and West Cost support
  •    • SSAE 16 Compliant
  •    • Cisco Devices
  •    • Diverse Fiber Entry Points
  •    • Multiple Tier 1 Bandwidth Providers
  •    • Security: Biometric Scanners, Card Access Control, Armed Guard, CCTV
  •    • Redundant Power and Environment
  •    • Fully clustered Servers and Databases
  •    • Redundant SANs
  •    • High Speed Fiber and SSD Drives
  •    • 24×7 NOC Monitoring
  •    • Vmaware managed platforms
  •    • Redundant, premium SIP provider
  •    • Cloud Bundles for MSP’s
  •    • Virtual Private Server (VPS)
  •    • Exchange Messaging Platform
  •    • Voice over IP (VoIP)
  •    • Applications (MS Office/Custom)
  •    • Web Hosting (PHP, IIS, w/ CMS)
  •    • SharePoint 2010 Platform
  •    • Secure Data Back-Up with custom Versioning