Being Green at ITelligent

At ITelligent, we believe in being green. We are working to become an environmentally conscious company to both preserve energy and help the environment:

  • ITelligent is a paperless office which improves our efficiency by centralizing all communication and data. This also helps the environment, as anything that is disposed of is done in an environmentally friendly manner, and is 100% recyclable.

  • ITelligent’s virtualization solutions drive our customers to paperless processes.

  • ITelligent’s solutions reduce our clients’ power and cooling utilization thereby advancing their energy efficiency

  • ITelligent’s solutions reduceand consolidate our customers’ hardware and server utilization, significantly reducing their carbon footprint

  • ITelligent offers customers environmentally friendly electronic billing

  • ITelligent partners with vendors who share and improve current best practices around data center efficiency

  • We are committed to doing an annual green audit of our internal processes and customer solutions to ensure that we are continually environmentally responsible

  • ITelligent will continually promote the adoption of energy efficient standards, processes, measurements and technologies