MoxNet is an IT virtualization solutions provider connecting you to the cloud while securing your information assets.

MoxNet's virtual solutions give you the ability to access your desktop, applications, documents and files from any internet connection. Moxnet's solutions are enterprise level and empower small and medium ize businesses with the features and benefits that are traditionally reserved for large enterprises.
What is Virtualization?

Virtualization is software technology that partitions the computer's memory into separate and isolated "virtual machines". It simulates multiple machines within one physical computer. It enables multiple copies of the same or different operating systems to run on one server. Virtualization allows users to consolidate physical resources, simplify deployment and administration, and reduce power and cooling requirements.

Why is Virtualize?

SMBs in a VMware survey were asked why they decided to implement virtualization. Unsurprisingly, the primary reason cited was to improve server utilization, but that wasn't the only reason:

  • 72 percent wanted to improve server utilization.
  • 57 percent were looking to reduce or contain the number of servers.
  • 49 percent hoped to improve security.
  • 48 percent said they wanted to improve availability and uptime.
  • 47 percent are seeking to improve server and application management.
  • 47 percent are thinking in terms of improving their data backup and protection.

  • Yet again, SMBs are portrayed as lacking in disaster recovery and business continuity. The VMware report noted that more than one in five (21 percent) of SMBs have lost critical business data over the past two years due to "accident, disaster or emergency." Underscoring the severity of such laxity, a staggering 62 percent of these companies say they saw lost sales or customers as a direct result.

    *VMware Survey on Virtualization Amongst SMBs, Dec. 17, 2009