Business Operation Portal

Business Operation Portal

What will ITelligent deliver to your organization?

  • • An efficient system that allows your company to have a clear view of its technology and resources, streamlining productivity and accelerating
       important business decisions.
  • • An accurate, real-time view of costs.
  • • The ability to comply with external requirements, whether statutory or contractual.

It all starts with the ITelligent Portal, which is used to get a clear picture of expenses and resource allocation. Utilizing scheduling, reminders, alerts, contract storage, documentation regarding cancellations, modifications, and new resource implementation, the Portal will be your central tool for understanding your business.

Cloud Computing Integration

Cloud Computing Integration

Whether you are aware of the buzzword or not, cloud computing is an evolving paradigm with tremendous momentum. The advent of cloud computing is leading to a restructuring of what is possible through the internet, with the capability to follow through on the promise of more power and "access from anywhere" mobility. Users will be able to store and manipulate files, images, videos and other data remotely, and cloud computing provides the ability to keep networks and mobile devices synchronized at all times. In fact, cloud computing is forcing businesses to change their methods and strategies. From reducing capital expenditures to leveraging tiered storage for maximal efficiency to creating efficiencies in human resources, cloud computing offers a way to increase capacity or add capability without the expenditure of additional infrastructure, training or licensing.

At ITelligent we leverage both our state-of-the-art private cloud as well as integrate with the public cloud. Our model allows us to position crucial elements of the network on the redundant, high-availability side of our cloud and use the public cloud for less essential uses. Our deep expertise in cloud integration and related efficiencies allows us to provide value to your company:

  • • Combine cloud computing with traditional IT Infrastructure to create an IT model that is best
       for you
  • • Use your cloud-based technology to solve accessibility or licensing issues
  • • Deliver IT services from a public cloud, private cloud or a flexible hybrid delivery model as you
       become an Instant-On Enterprise

Whether your company is small, medium, or large, your technology needs will require flexibility, automation, security, insight and speed. Companies with large, batch-oriented, tasks can get results as quickly as their programs can scale, since using 1000 servers for one hour costs no more than using one server for 1000 hours. This elasticity of resources, without paying a premium for large scale, is unprecedented in the history of IT.

Hosted Email

Hosted Email

Email is the standard method of business communication; there are so many options that the real challenge is deciding which setup makes the most sense for your organization. ITelligent can help:

  • • We can host your email, either with POP or Exchange 2010 server
  • • Spam and virus filters
  • • Email continuity service
  • • Shared calendars and company directory
  • • 2GB mailboxes upgradable to 20GB
  • • Secure encryption / SSL
  • • Ad-free
  • • Privacy guaranteed
  • • Daily backups
  • • Up to 50MB attachments
  • • Blackberry / iPhone / Android integration
  • • Custom configurations



ITelligent has worked with some of the largest auditors in the country over the past several years. As a result of those experiences, we have built client networks to conform to the highest standards, and in the process have gained specialized knowledge in understanding risk and security issues. Potential risks range from unrecoverable data loss to disclosure of sensitive information to unauthorized personnel. In some industries, secure data management is an absolute requirement, and must be certified.

Many companies take security for granted, relying on the bare minimum effort without properly analyzing their exposure to risk. We understand that not every company needs the highest level of control or precaution, but if your information environment is critical to your success, you should consider the reassurance of an IT audit.

The purpose of an information technology audit is to examine and analyze internal controls within your corporate infrastructure and culture in order to identify potential risks. The process is to collect, examine and evaluate evidence of an organization's information systems, policies, procedures, and operational practices as they apply to information controls. The goal is to understand how your company protects its data and information integrity and security, and to ensure that your policies and practices mitigate risks and maximize business goals and objectives.

ITelligent staff have been performing SAS70 audits for the past 6 years. We are skilled in raising the level of awareness regarding vulnerabilities, potential breaches, and to educate users and management on the best strategies for risk mitigation.

Document Management

Document Management

Document management is probably one of the most underrated and ignored aspect in IT management today. It is also one of the hardest one to master. Each and every one of us has a PDMS (private document management System) for most of us it usually involves our outlook, Those who are more “evolved” use a combination of local and shared directories and subdirectories based on their own logic.

More often the not there is no company policy and architecture regarding documents. When a key person Leaves or is unavailable a lot of information gets lost. The harder it is to get to information the slower it takes to fulfill simple tasks causing the entire operation to suffer.

Whether it’s scanning hard copies into electronic format and providing imaging storage, or implementing innovative processes to help you better manage your information, we provide a vast array of solutions to improve you operation.

ITelligent’s approach to Document Management is unique it targets achievable goals for each organization based on need and cost.

Our clients can use our Business Operation Portal as the basis to all documents and contracts for no additional cost, and we can also incorporate large document management systems both localy or hosted.



At ITelligent, we think it is crucially important that our customers understand their options before making a business decision. Understanding the full scope of connectivity issues is not the easiest of tasks. Fiber, EOC, Cable, DS3, T1, PRI, or point to point? We will work with your decision-makers, explain the possibilities and their ramifications, and guide you to the best and most financially feasible solution for your needs. One thing that we have learned over time is that each customer's requirements are different, so each solution must be tailor-made.

We can also assist with logistics: ordering, configuring, implementing, and most importantly dealing with the vendor support systems, billing issues, and cancellations. We have a logistics portal that keeps track of all the account and implementation details and contact information. We can give you a complete picture of what you have, how much you paid, and when your services are due to expire. We can provide the details of your cancellation policy, let you review the contracts, and remind you of important deadlines.

The best business decision is based on a clear understanding of what is possible; ITelligent wants to help.

Remote Offices /
Home Office

Remote Offices / Home Office

ITelligent’s customers come in various sizes and have varied needs. We enjoy helping new businesses establish themselves and grow. In those first few years of business, it makes no sense to invest a tremendous amount of time and money in infrastructure and systems. We can help you utilize all the infastructure and services you need, without the cost of owning and implementing it yourself.

For home-based or small startup businesses, we can provide essential business applications, email solutions, hosted PBX, VOIP, voicemail to email, even Exchange servers, Microsoft Office suites and many other applications you might require.

For larger enterprises, you might need remote offices, or the ability to integrate users who are based in different locations. If your business is growing quickly, you might need highly scalable solutions but not want to invest in technology purchases or leased equipment that would not give you the best return on your investment. The age-old problem of provisioning and managing your in-house technology can present challenges surrounding a lack of local technology; lack of standardization; limited storage or a need to scale quickly; or limited budget. With ITelligent, you have the ability to leverage our already-existing networks and systems best suited to your situation, as well as benefit from our expertise for far less than it would cost to research, purchase and implement in-house.

  • • Simplify your IT management
  • • Accelerate provisioning of remote systems
  • • Ensure always-on availability
  • • Be prepared to recover quickly from disasters
  • • Reduce IT hardware and operating costs for servers and desktops

Administrative Services

Administration Services

Controlling costs is a priority for all businesses, and ensuring compliance with local, state and federal employment-related requirements is a costly administrative burden to most small- and medium-sized businesses. ITelligent provides clients with solutions in areas that are critical to the success of their business. We help our clients manage their workforce and business effectively and efficiently with best-practice processes and innovative, intuitive tools, which include our proprietary Portal platform along with the following administrative activities:

  • • Payroll Administration and Processing
  • • Benefits including Health Insurance, Dental Insurance, 401K, Transit etc.
  • • New Employees – Start up paperwork, Hardware, Software, ID cards, etc.
  • • Background Checks
  • • Termination of Employees and Unemployment Claims
  • • Cobra Insurance
  • • Temporary Employees

With our newly developed Portal, which can be customized for the company, management will have access to all employee information including Salaries, Benefits, Outside Vendor Costs, Contracts, etc. at their fingertips.

Compliance Solutions

Compliance Solutions

Compliance requirements for electronic communications is a growing burden on many companies. Regulatory and contractual expectations are expanding; with communications devices evolving rapidly and the widespread use of social media platforms, regulators are now approaching Facebook and Twitter posts with the same level of scrutiny as email and other forms of electronic communication. Failure to meet standards frequently introduces potential legal liability or financial penalties.

ITelligent can guide your company, analyze your current compliance regime, help you set protocols, schedules and procedures, and provide technical and infrastructure assistance. We can help with the resources and costs associated with email monitoring, electronic archiving, and response to potential regulatory examinations. We will work closely with your compliance officer or general counsel to make sure you are aware of current and potential requirements and the available solutions.

ITelligent services supports the following agencies regulations:

  • Securities Exchange Committee (SEC)
  • • National Association of Securities Dealer (NASD)
  • • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE)
  • • Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA)
  • • Sarbanes-Oxley Act (2002)
  • • Gramm-Leach Bliley Act (1999)
  • • IPA & PIPEDA (Canada)
  • • USA Patriot Act (2001)
  • • UK & European Data Protection Acts
  • • Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)